Request for Proposal Appointment Services/Software Development

Shanthini Ratnakumarasuriyar


A Request for Proposals (RFP) is a bidding process in which vendors propose systems to solve a problem. An RFP
document outlines the desired requirements that should be met by appropriate vendors proposing a solution to
the problem presented. A company may release an RFP when their current information system is unable to meet
the needs of its users—for instance, if it is inefficient, outdated, or in need of new features to function properly.
There are different sections within an RFP that provide different information to the developer: a summary of the
organization, the problem with the existing information system, the stakeholders involved, the tender process for
submission requirements, the evaluation criteria that will be used to select the successful vendor, and potential
vendors that may be interested in submitting a proposal.
This RFP for Appointment Services/Software Development intends to select a vendor that has created a solution
that increases the effectiveness of the appointment system in place at Toronto Western Hospital, in order to reduce
the staff-reported low attendance rates in the Bariatric Clinic. Annually, the new system could save OHIP
almost $35,122 by reducing missed appointments.

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